Game Rules


  1. All participants must sign the release prior to playing in any of the paintball field facilities.
  2. All participants must be 15 years old to play.
  3. Any participants under the age of 18 years old must have the release signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  4. There is no smoking, alcoholic beverages, or illegal substances allowed on the premises.


  • All participants (who rent equipment or bring their own) must follow all the following safety procedures below. All participants (who rent equipment or bring their own) must abide by all the following safety rules.
  • All markers must be blocked or covered at all times outside of the playing field. Markers must be blocked or covered inside the playing field until referee starts each game.
  • Markers cannot be fired outside of the designated areas. Markers may only be fired in the chronograph, target, and playing field areas. Participants must abide by the specific rules for each area.
  • Masks must be worn at all times inside the playing field. You may not remove your mask for any reason while inside the playing field. If you have a medical emergency, you must find a referee to stop play before removing your mask. Masks must also be worn in any area designated with a “mask on” sign. Some areas may include, but are not limited to, the chronograph area, the staging area, and target area. Rolling up the flexible part of your mask is not acceptable while in a “mask on” area. Please see Section A for more specifications on masks.
  • Any participant who is in the need of emergency medical attention should notify the closest referee, official, or employee. Please go to the first aid area with any other medical concerns.


  • In preparation for playing in the field, all participants must wait in the staging area until the previous game has finished. (All safety checks must be done prior to waiting in the staging area.)
  • While in the staging area, all participants will be informed of the specifics of the upcoming game (including all rules, regulations, and objectives.) All questions regarding objectives of each game should be asked while in the staging area.
  • Any participant who has been marked out during a game should immediately make their way back to the staging area with both arms in the air. You should engage your safety on your marker and point it up and away from any other participant. Your barrel plug or cover must be on as soon as you’re marked out.
  • Participants may not enter the playing field with out permission of the referees and/or until all previous participants have exited.
  • Fully automatic, burst, or zip mode markers must be set in a semi-automatic mode. Only semi-automatic or pump markers are allowed during play.
  • Climbing trees, any of the netting, or building structures is prohibited.
  • Do not pull, push, grab, or lean on the netting. Do not touch the netting!
  • Any participant attempting to shoot paintballs over the netting will be removed from the game and the premises immediately. None of the games at this field will involve shooting up into the trees in any way. There will be no warnings and no excuses. Do not try and shoot over the netting.
  • Participants must say inside the boundaries of the playing field. Boundaries are marked with bright orange tape, bright orange flags, or natural barriers.

Section A
All Masks used in the playing field must follow the criteria below. All masks must be designed and manufactured for paintball activities. Masks cannot be modified in any way. No cut-outs, cut-aways, no compromises, no excuses. No cracked, painted, or modified lenses are permitted.

Warnings will be issued for participants who choose to disobey the rules and regulations stated in this document. Any participant who receives 3 warnings will be removed from the field and premises immediately. The following violations could result in the immediate removal of participants.

  • Fighting with any participant, referee, or official.
  • Firing a marker outside of the designated areas.
  • Failure to play in a safe manner.
  • Any other violation deemed worthy by referee or official.

All decisions made by the referees, officials, or employees of Weboss Extreme Ground, Paintball are final.

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